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VeNom Codes

Discover more about the VeNom Coding group.

The VeNom Coding Group has developed and maintained a standard set of clinical veterinary terms –  the VeNom Codes – through collaboration with the Royal Veterinary College (RVC), the University of Glasgow Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (UGFVM), Bristol Veterinary School and the PDSA, for use in first opinion practice and referral veterinary hospital medicine.

The Aims of the VeNom Coding Group are:
• To promote clinical data coding within veterinary medicine in general
• To encourage and facilitate the standardised recording of clinical data via the use of the Codes, across veterinary institutions, practices and other veterinary sectors

The VeNom Coding Group is a multi-institution group that includes veterinary and IT specialist members from the RVC, UGFVM, the PDSA, Bristol Veterinary School, Cambridge Veterinary School, the University of Nottingham School of Veterinary Medicine and Science, SPVS and VetsNow.

The Codes are a list of terms that are used in veterinary practice and have been standardised across institutes to facilitate academic discussion, research and clinical auditing. Currently, the codes consist of diagnoses, presenting complaints, procedures, administrative tasks and breeds associated with canine and feline veterinary work. Equine terms are also now available. Both general practice and referral practice terminologies are included.

The VeNom Coding group updates the terms and issues new releases from time to time. Requests for new terms or amendments are to be sent to the Group to be reviewed by their scientific committee.

For further information visit the VeNom Coding Group websiteor contact Dave Brodbelt at