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Standard Data Format Test

Standard data format specifications supported by VetXML Consortium members.

The information below details the services and members that support the VetXML standard data format, as well as marketing guidance and various specification schemas.

Standard Communication Protocol Specification.

The following API (Application Programming Interface) has been developed by VetEnvoy (LiveTime 24/7) and made available freely to the VetXML Consortium as a proposed open standard communication protocol for the transfer of VetXML data (and associated surrounding workflow processes). Please note, it is the actual techniques, workflows and protocols of the standard on which VetEnvoy operates that has been made open and not the underlying source code of VetEnvoy itself.

Application Programming Interface v1.50

Parties communicating using the Specification.

The VetXML member compliance page provides an overview of the VetXML services provided by members as of 1st January 2013.



Parties providing a Hub (Gateway) compliant with the Specification.

To date (1st January 2013), the following parties have implemented a compliant Hub (Gateway) that is currently allowing communication between live working practices and other industry parties using the open standard protocol:

  • VetEnvoy (LiveTime 24/7 Ltd): eClaims; Benchmark data delivery; Lab service requisition; Lab report delivery; Dietary advice facilitation; Microchip registration; SMS (Outbound).

Marketing guidelines for parties using the Specification.

We are keen to ensure that the VetXML brand is correctly represented by parties using the Specification. Please download our Marketing Guidelines for further information.

Specification – Standard Data Format.

Insurance Claim VetXML

Live: v1.09
XML Schema
Example XML Output File
Workflow steps

Work in Progress: v1.10
Proposed Changes and Version History
XML Schema
Example XML output file

Case History VetXML (v1.4)
XML Schema

Clinical Evidence (v1.05)
XML Schema

Lab Report VetXML (v1.3) – official standard from 1st July 2009
XML Schema

Lab Report VetXML (v1.2)
XML Schema

Lab Directory of Services (v1.04)
XML Schema

Product Ordering – Catalogue (v1.4), Catalogue Item (v1.0) & Catalogue Delivery (v1.0)
XML Schema – Catalogue
XML Schema – Catalogue Item
XML Schema – Distribution List
Example XML Output File – Distribution List

Product Ordering – Order (v2.0) & Order Item (v2.0)
XML Schema – Order
XML Schema – Order Item

Product Ordering – Notification (v2.0) & Notification Action (v2.0)
XML Schema – Notification
XML Schema – Notification Action

Product Ordering – Dispatched (v2.0)
XML Schema – Dispatched

Microchip Registration (v1.3.1)
XML Schema

Wellness Plan Registration (v1.1)
XML Schema

Equine Passport (v1.0)
XML Schema
Example XML Output File

Dietary Advice (v1.0)
XML Schema – Advice Request
XML Schema – Request Rejection/Error

Benchmark Data (v1.1)
XML Schema

Marketing Lead (v1.0)
XML Schema

Message [For Queries] (v1.0)
XML Schema
Example XML Output File

SMS Message [Outbound] (v1.1)
XML Schema
Example XML Output File

SMS Message [Inbound] (v1.0)
XML Schema
Example XML Output File

Email Message [Outbound] (v1.0)
XML Schema