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Are you speaking the language?

The VetXML Consortium is calling on the veterinary industry to help lead the way in the development of a standard data format through which information can be easily exchanged.

Following the increased use of practice management systems (PMS), it was identified that communications and data sharing within the industry needed to be improved. Enter VetXML.

VetXML is a universal language that facilitates electronic data exchange between practice management systems and other industry suppliers.

Together with VetEnvoy – an enabling platform that provides a communications hub for the secure delivery of data – the VetXML Consortium ensures a complete solution for data sharing.

Indeed, the relationship between VetXML and VetEnvoy can be likened to an electronic version of the postal service. VetXML is the standard packaging in which data is sent and VetEnvoy is the standard courier that ensures the package is delivered. The combined use of standard package with standard courier makes it simple for practices and suppliers with compliant systems to exchange data quickly and securely.

The benefits to your current and future customers are endless. No longer are your customers restricted by the timely and costly processing and sharing of information non-electronically; rather, insurance claims, lab results, microchipping forms, benchmarking reports and much more can be processed and monitored at speed and with confidence.

Therefore, VetXML further increases practice efficiency by reducing admin time, increasing security of data exchange, improving client service and reducing paper consumption and staffing costs.

Future features of VetXML will include automated data sheets, clinical record transfer, electronic ordering, and clinical evidence and auditing, but with numerous industry members already signed up, isn’t it time you spoke the language?